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In last weeks I created a few new site based on a WordPress CMS. The think that came to my head was, that I should create my ranking with the most important setup in WP platform. Obiously it’s only my subjective ranking, and I know that everyone can have other point of view.

So, you accomplished wordpress instalation. Great! What next?

Block search engines

If you have domain with some history in the Internet, you should blocking site for search engine crawlers, before they start index her. If you didn’t select correct option while installation, go to bookmark Settings -> Reading and select checkbox which will block access to your site.

System will add NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW tag in html code. You can use NoFollow extension to see, that tags were add correct. When you’ll end all basic configuration, you’ll delete tags from html code.

Remove automatic-generated content

For the every new site, WordPress generates examples post, page and comment. Go to appropriate tab and remove them. After this Google will not index automatic-generated content in future. There is one more thing, that could doing your site more SEO friendly. Go to tab Settings -> General, remove old, and add new content in fields. First field is reserved for static element in meta title tags. Second field is a part which appearances after static element, but only for main site.

If you don’t know what are meta title, this is element that you see after pointing on the tab in your browser:

They are responsibility for this view in search engines:


Image optimalization

In majority of themes we have section reserved to baner, slider, etc. This means, that one image could appeare in every page. It’s good practice to compress image before you’ll upload it on server. This solution it’s very friendly for user’s and search engines either. To compressing images I truly recomended Optimizilla that’s free online tool. If you want convert image from .png to .jpg you could use similar tool PNG na JPG that it’s free to.

Plugin to complexive SEO

WordPress have two big plugin for SEO. Yoast and All in One SEO Pack. I’m used to second tool. Plugin give us a lot of possibility, from Google Search Console integration to generate XML sitemap and noindex/nofollow setting. There are pretty bunch of settings, so I will not describe all plugin. But it;s one thing that you should remebmer when you run a XML sitemap on All in One SEO Pack. It’s a good practice to deselect option that puts media files on sitemap:


Media files looks pretty messy in SERP:

media attachment wordpress

And if media files are in search results now, you can:

  1. Add noindex in plugin setup (doesn’t works in All in One SEO Pack)
  2. Use 301 redirect with plugin Attachment Pages Redirect

Install Favicon

Favicon it’s a small icon which you can see after pointing on the browser tab:


I heared that Google start send emails for webmasters who did not have favicon on site. Especialilty it’s worth to have favicon on site. To generate favicon you can use free WordPress plugin:  RealFaviconGenerator.

Google Analytics implementation

Google Analytics it’s one of the most important tool for any webmasters. GA gather statistic about users, who viewing us site.

How run Google Analytics in WordPress?

After the create account, we’ll see tracking code that we should copy and paste in header tag in site code. If you can not modifing code, use plugin for SEO, and paste your identify number in the appropriate field:

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